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Intermediate housing’s leader in Île-de-France region

Born from the merger of four entities from Action Logement Group in October 2017, in’li is the leader of intermediate housing in Île-de-France region, with a portfolio of nearly 50,000 properties throughout the Paris region.

Main objective

In’li has been created to help employees of the middle class and young workers to access accommodation near their working place, facilitate professional mobility and participate in cities dynamics.


In’li is first and foremost a property lessor. Its first mission is to house more than 100,000 tenants and 200,000 more in the coming years. As the owner, in’li manage its accommodations. Housing are published and marketed via the platform which lists all of the available accommodations. The selection of the tenant and the whole process to access the housing is digital. In’li ensure the daily maintenance of its accommodations and the renovation works of its property assets.

In’li is also property manager and property developer. Its goal is to build and acquired over 80,000 new properties within the next 10 years to increase the supply of affordable housing in Île-de-France. To achieve its objective, the total investment amount is €18 billion.

About Action Logement

Action Logement is a leading player in social and intermediate housing in France with more than one million properties. For more than 60 years, the Group works to facilitate access to housing to promote employment. Action Logement equally manage Employer Participation in Construction Effort (PEEC) in favor of employee housing, corporate performance and the attractiveness of the territories. The group has 18,000 employees in France and Overseas Departments and French Territories.

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