InLi ("Inspired Life") is the next evolution of conscious
web community - harnessing social media, holistic
experts, and online markets - to enrich lives. Launching
soon, it will provide a rich and compelling user
experience centered around three content areas:
potential, wellness, and green.

InLi is looking for businesses who are a good fit for our community, who focus on:

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We define our primary audience as Cultural Creatives. They are a diverse group who span a wide age range, are both male and female, have a higher income, are Internet savvy and are well educated.

What joins them together is their passion for ecology and saving the planet, relationships, peace, social justice, self-actualization, spirituality and self-expression.

Cultural Creatives make up approximately 35% of the US population (over 100 million people), and are estimated to be a $519 billion dollar market. Most importantly to you, the conscious business, they’re an engaged, active and eager market.
  • Increased exposure to a market that is highly influential and always seeking new solutions

  • Alignment with a cutting edge community and platform

  • A free business profile where the community can easily engage with your expertise and offerings and generate traffic back to your primary websites

  • An opportunity to develop relationships with early adopters and greater exposure for your products and services

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